CHANEL Facettes D'or Gold Fiction Nail Color

Tester: Multi-Ethnic (Albanian/Turkish) about Paula Abdul’s complexion.

“This color just goes to show that the nail category is far from uninspired, and that a shade enhancement (yes there are other gold nail shades on the market), great formula, along with fabulous packaging can be just what a woman like me needs to get excited about nail color once again.

I have actually never worn a gold nail shade before, although I am a fan of the color (I have a warm undertone and prefer gold jewelry to silver for example). I was very impressed that this was in fact a “pure”, rich, luxurious gold shade. It is not too yellow, or pink, or orange. It does not have a lot glitter or shimmer, but it does have a subtle sparkle. This really dazzled on my nails (I even had my manicurist experiment with one coat and a white tip for a French manicure twist). This formula is medium weight, went on smoothly and lasted a least a week (applying a top coat over it every other day).

As much as I loved this, I do recognize that this not be for everyone because it is not a very reflective shiny finish (as real gold is). It is more of a soft, matte finish, but that’s exactly what I loved about it. From the color to the finish to the opaque gold bottle CHANEL used for this shade (you cannot see though it so it also looks like a mini gold bar!), this was a stand out for me. If you are looking for a lovely new CHANEL beauty splurge this is it!” A.T.

CHANEL Facettes D'or Gold Fiction Nail Color

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