CHANEL Inimitable Waterproof Mascara Multi-Dimensionelle in Noir

(Noir, pictured left)

Tester: African-American with medium length, fine lashes.

“A few years ago I was visiting a dear friend in Brussels and he took me to the Quartier Chocolate – an area in the city where some of the finest Chocolatier’s shops in the country are located. We arrived at one of the most famous – Pierre Marcolini (so famous in fact he was commissioned for a special chocolate project for Louis Vuitton a few years ago!).

He took me straight to the chocolate section featuring caramel, which is a favorite of mine. A few minutes later the shop assistant handed us their glamorous black box tied with a ribbon and off we went with our small selection of chocolates. Later we sat down at a café, ordered an aperitif and decided to try them. I took one bite of the chocolate with the lovely caramel center and said out loud – “Oh My God – I’ve never had caramel before now!” This caramel (and chocolate for that matter) was so superior to anything I had experienced in both the US (and even other European countries for that matter), it was like I had been eating cardboard before and I was actually having caramel for the first time in my life.

This is the experience I had with CHANEL Inimitable Waterproof Mascara Multi-Dimensionelle. It was like I had never really used great mascara before this.

From the first swipe of this mascara I saw something instantly – it delivered EVERYTHING that I want in my mascara: length, definition, volume, and curl. I was shocked especially about the curling factor-- most mascaras don’t actually do this for me with any noticeable difference, but my eyelashes never looked better with Chanel all day long. What I also loved is that this mascara could look natural with one or two swipes OR look really dramatic when I applied a 3rd swipe of the wand (great bush design by the way!).

It defines lashes beautifully, builds lots of length and volume and stays put. I also used this mascara as a waterproof eyeliner by running an eyeliner brush over the mascara wand and that worked nicely as well. It was very easy to remove with my regular cleanser, and really does stand up to the humid weather and actual water (I went swimming and was caught in a rainstorm once while testing this mascara). Yes, this is worth every penny. It's an amazing mascara.” RLB

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