Beauty Find - CHANEL Precision Gentle Eye Make Up Remover

If you thought that you could use just any cleanser to take off your Eye Make Up – read on, this is for you! 

I really love wearing eye makeup on a daily basis (eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow), and during the summer it's got to be waterproof products (which are notoriously hard to get off!). As a result, at night, there was always a "tug of war" I went through trying to get it all off. 

Then I got to try Chanel Precision Gentle Eye Make Up Remover.

Chanel Precision Gentle Eye Make Up Remover is simply amazing. (You must remember to shake it well for a second or two, and then the magic begins). This liquid dissolved everything that I put on my eyes instantly and gently without any problems at all. I put a small amount on a cotton pad and didn't even need to rub my eye area – just a medium press on the eye and - poof! It was gone.

I found that I could easily re-apply make-up immediately if necessary (going out in the evening) because it isn't at all greasy and even has soothing toning ingredients that make the whole eye area look fresher. It didn't sting my eyes, either! I will be using this little treasure from Chanel forever! - RLB

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