China Glaze Nail Polish in Flying Dragon

Tester: Middle Eastern (Lebanese) about Paula Abdul’s complexion with short nails.

“So you want a dark nail, but not necessarily blue and not all the way black. Here’s the answer!

This is a beautiful, alluring, deep purple with blue accents (not purple-black) with a bit of a neon effect. The glitter is fun. It has touches of red, magenta and blue; and really makes this color stand out. The formula itself is on the thicker side, and smooth. It is more of a matte finish, so I had a glossy top coat applied which I really loved.

It lasted nicely during the week with a touch of top coat every few days. However I did find that because of the glitter, it took a few more cotton balls than normal to completely remove. I found that by applying a thicker basecoat at the beginning of my manicure, it did make it a little easier to remove the glitter particles from my nail bed. The color itself will look especially wonderful on dark and very dark brown skins, but also for lighter skin tones that want a more dramatic look like I did. This is a lovely, unique color and I’m very happy with my first experience with China Glaze!” S.A.

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