Clarins Body Shaping Supplement

Tester: Asian (Japanese) with normal to dry skin and some cellulite on the back on thighs.

“I love beauty innovations that fit right into my lifestyle, and of course are effective. Clarins has hit that crucial mix right on the head with their Body Shaping Supplement.

These supplements are two vials filled with their firming serum. All I needed to do was to twist off the top and turn upside down (so that it resembles a “needle”) and press the gold end of the tube about 6-8 times so that the drops come out of the tip.

Now, what is great is that this serum can be mixed with any lotion! I do happen to be a Clarins fan and use their Eau Dynamisante body lotion, so this is the combination that I used. I mixed the lotion with the 6-8 drops in my hand first before applying to my body. The mixture made my skin feel silky and firm, and the serum didn’t take away from any of the moisturizing effects of the lotion. As a matter of fact, my skin had even more sheen when I used the serum. The serum absorbed into the lotion mixture and my skin quickly.

After a few weeks, using it 1x or 2x a day, I could definitely see an improvement in the overall look of my thighs and I felt like my skin was tighter and more toned. The tubes are fairly small, so I was able to leave one at the gym and mix with a lotion there, and keep the other at home to use with the Eau Dynamisante body lotion. The serum is a deep golden brown color and fairly thin in body. The texture had the typical serum smoothness. There is no real scent to speak of, but again, since I chose to use it with a scented lotion, I only picked up the lotion scent. Since the serum is concentrated, the vials last quite a long time, making this a great buy for a cellulite treatment.

This is a great idea, and I know that the best strategy with any cellulite program is to continue to use to keep up the results, so that’s what I will do!” K.T.

Clarins Body Shaping Supplement With 7 Key Botanicals 2 x 0.84 oz

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