Clarins UV Plus Day Screen High Protection SPF 40

Tester: Hispanic (Venezuelan) about Shakira’s complexion with combination/dry skin.

“Ah, sunscreen, so many choices…and so little time. For my face, I am very finicky about the texture, the smell, the staying power and also the convenience level of the packaging (must be travel/gym ready). This new Clarins sunscreen was a relief in a sea of sunscreen I have been testing for the last month or so.

I love the little cylinder tube which is super portable. The formula itself is very lightweight and on the thin side, but so concentrated I didn’t need much to cover my face (so it is very long lasting). There is a light fragrance, which dissipated quickly. The lotion glided on my skin without a trace of stickiness, white cast, or oil. The finish was matte. I found that it was light enough to be layered over my favorite serum and under my liquid bronzer or tinted moisturizer that I tend to favor in the summer months. As a matter of fact, this is actually the perfect skin primer before makeup application. The lasting power was fantastic on days I was working, running around outside or actually sunning at the beach. I had no breakouts or irritation from the product and it didn’t run or melt on my skin. It also left my skin soft and moisturized without feeling oily, so on the weekends I would just wear this with a little mascara and lip color and I was good to go!

This is a non-chemical sunscreen which many of you will also appreciate. It’s made from 100% minerals. Yes, this is another product that is indeed worth every penny and I will be stock piling!

Note: As an added bonus if you are like me and always around computer screens, Clarins has added protection against electromagnetic waves in this formula.” L.L.

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