Cleanwell Natural Hand Sanitizer Spray

"You know the've been traveling, or shaking a lot of hands, or playing with the kids all day but you just don't happen to be near any soap and water! There are hand sanitizing wipes and gels on the market, but without a doubt this product is a dream come true!

Clean Well hand sanitizers are made with all-natural Ingenium which is a patented formula proven to kill 99.99% of harmful germs that can make you sick including Samonella, resistent Staph, and Listeria. The travel sized version (pictured left) is what I used, and it was a great size (no more than 5 in" long) and superlight. The spray pump is tucked away under a flip top cap which snaps closed.

The biggest plus for me was that no water is required. Wherever I needed it, I could whip this out of my bag or my jacket pocket, spray once and I was all set. What I also loved was that is dries quickly but didn't dry out my hands. It still left them soft with a nice pleasant fresh/citrus scent. My hands felt clean, soft and fresh! I am stockpiling these!" S.D.

Cleanwell Natural Hand Sanitizer Spray

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