Crème de la Mer The Radiant Facial

Tester: West Indian (Trinidadian), late 30’s, with combination/dry skin.

“Yes, this may be the most expensive mask that I have ever tried – but as I have learned time and time again with the La Mer line, it is worth it.

This mask is actually a series of components that work together. There are pieces of upper and lower part cotton mask in a box along with a primer serum. When I applied the primer my skin was soothed, and softened in an instant. Talk about incredible..... I then went on to apply the sheet masks. These are the most luxurious mask sheets ever - made of the thickest and softest cotton soaked in a white lotion. They felt great on my skin and fit perfectly. After about 8 minutes (as directed) or so I removed it and went ahead to apply my (La Mer) cream and went to bed.

I woke up with the supplest, clearest skin (even more so than just using the La Mer!), that was toned and very glowy. Despite the richness of the mask, I had no clogged pores in my t zone or breakouts. I must say that this is the most effective mask I have used to date and as the weeks went on I found that the effects accumulated and more than a few people said how amazing my skin looked. Highly recommended...” L.M.

Crème de la Mer The Radiant Facial, Inc.