DDF Ultra Lite Oil Free Moisturizing Dew

Tester: African-American, early 20’s with oily/combination skin and occasional breakouts in the t-zone.

“Doesn’t the word “dew” just make you smile? It makes me think of lovely mornings in the countryside, birds singing…OK you get the point.

Well, in this case, waking up and applying the DDF moisturizing dew was definitely a pleasure. Since I have oily skin that is often much more oily in the t zone, I needed very light moisture that would keep my t zone in check, and of course not break me out or cause other parts of my face to become drier or irritated. This little gem did all of that and more.

I applied just a pea sized amount (enough for my entire face) each morning and loved the way it sank into my skin very quickly and felt super light. This was perfect for giving my skin the moisture it needed and balance the rest of my oily areas. The end result was really soft, smooth skin.

During the day my skin looked great and my makeup went on very smoothly. After continued use, I experienced no breakouts or irritation. For all you oily people out there, this is a great addition to your skin care routine.” S.L.

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