Dreaming Tommy Hilfiger Lipgloss/Rollerball Duo

“This is a fragrance that is simple, but pleasant in its basic nature. It’s fruity, but equally fresh and pleasant. The initial notes on me were fresh peach – but not the sickly sweet and cloying type of fragrance. It is pale, clean and sparkling. This lasted a fair while. Then I began to get the flowery notes, such as tuberose, freesia, white hibiscus, white woods and orris. And it just got cozier and warmer as the time passed. I loved the tuberose in it in particular.

This fragrance is for the woman who wants "romantic and feminine" more than "sensuous and seductive". While it is girlie, it is not boring, it is sweet and calm and charming. For example, it’s perfect for church, brunch with in-laws, a wedding, and travel. The lasting power is very good (fragrance oil tends to last longer than EDT). I will definitely layer this will the larger bottle for everyday wear however. The roller ball contains the fragrance oil version of the scent. It is quick drying and not greasy, and I loved how I could pinpoint exactly where I wanted the fragrance to go with no muss, no fuss.

No, your eyes are not deceiving you…there is also a lip gloss included, which is a sheer, cheery, flattering watermelon/cherry shade which was not too sticky, also had a nice peach fragrance, and looked great on many of our testers as it just warmed up the skin with a nice touch of color. Perfect idea for quick touch ups and travel! This is a very well thought out item with a lovely scent to match. I could not have been more pleased this, which was my first Hilfiger scent.” S.D.

Dreaming Tommy Hilfiger Lipgloss/Rollerball Duo


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