Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Mascara 1 Phenomen'Black

Does a ball (or round sphere as it’s described), instead of a brush, on the top of a new mascara wand constitutes a gimmick or product innovation?

In this case, a little of both, and the results were fantastic!

Yes, it looks like the head of a tiny mini cactus, and of course that’s what intrigued me at first about the latest mascara from Givenchy,
Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Mascara.

As per the instructions I started applying the mascara ball on my outer lashes, working my way inward. There was no clumping and it was surprisingly easy to get the hang of. With each “push” of the ball from the base of my lashes upwards towards the tips, I saw super long, luscious and perfectly separated lashes. There was absolutely no need to comb through and it gave my lashes a very nice curl as well. The black shade was noticeably glossy and shiny on my lashes. I also found that by carefully concentrating the mascara application on my outer lashes when I wanted a very glam look at night, I was able to achieve the length and intensity of false lashes!

I experienced no flaking or smudging and it lasted all day into the night until I washed it off. However, when I was ready to take it off, it was very easy to remove. This is a luxury mascara product with the beautiful silver GG to boot, and as such, there is a luxury price tag; but in my opinion, this is by far worth every penny if you love and NEED amazing, long, lush lashes! The future features mascara may very well lie in a new shape -a ball.- RLB

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