Kenzo Flower By Kenzo Oriental

"It was love at first whiff with me. I am wearing it about three times a week now and I love the woodnotes and the incense! It is warm and soft at the same time. I find it sexy, too because it has a nice amount of smokiness and it develops so beautifully. The dry down is lovely and it stays close to the skin and can be easily worn during the say, and for me it has a nice lasting power, over 4 hours.

This scent is great for the fall and winter. I think Kenzo successfully combined his original Flower fragrance with incense and woods and created a very nice floral/woody scent. Its not a sweet spicy scent at all. It?s more a woodsy-oriental type scent, because the rose and musk softens it a bit. The initial spray is very 'Flower' like, and then the incense emerges, and it drys down to a lovely slightly spicy, vanilla like scent. I find this to be a scent that can be worn during the day with no problem or it can be a lovely evening scent as well. The feeling that it evokes is that of being wrapped in the most amazing, deep soft blanket. This is a complex fragrance that is for the women who understands and loves the art of fragrance wants something memorable yet not overpowering. This is very well done and I will continue to use." Y.T.

Fragrance Notes:

Floral: Bulgarian Rose, Violet
Sensual: Vanilla, Musk, Sichuan
Woody: Kyara, Chinese Incense

Kenzo FlowerbyKenzo 1 oz Eau de Parfum

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