Korres Body Butter - Guava

Tester: Asian (Filipino) with very dry body skin.

"Another wonderful product from Korres. This has a great, thick texture, and an absolutely divine scent. It's just a very pretty tropical island kind of smell (coconut/orange/kiwi to me) that dries down to a faintly powdery smell. Very moisturizing, but again, the main attraction for me is the fragrance. (It does not interfere with perfume). The texture is very buttery and leaves your skin feeling like silk. It's not greasy either. My hands just feel and look so much better after using this.

This is the only product that heals my cracked heals and knuckles over night when I'm going through a really dry phase! If you have been searching for a cream that truly moisturizes, you have to try this. It is so rich that you only need to use a very little amount." G.T.

Korres Body Butter 5.07 oz Guava

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