MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator

Tester: African-American with combination/dry skin and some hyperpigmentation, with occasional break outs.

“There’s not one Palacinka beauty tester who isn’t up to her knees in scrubs, and I am no different. However, this is one of the biggest beauty surprises for me so far all year.

I actually did not know that this was part of a new MAC skin care collection. (Thank you to Colleen Martin from the
NYC MACPro store who raved about this product and recommended it to me!) True to its name, it is black, gooey and grainy upon opening the jar. But any unpleasant associations end there….

When I first started applying it I noted with a smile that it really did look like I was “rolling around in the dirt”. However, that temporary visual effect was worth the spectacular results I got. When I used the scrub for the first time I used it on dampened skin and immediately felt the difference – the texture of the scrub, which is a gel based-grain scrub, changed to a velvety smooth cream and exfoliated my skin gently but thoroughly. After rinsing it off my skin looked amazing and was smooth, super clean with no dryness. I also used it as a leave on mask for 10 minutes 2x week (as suggested by Colleen) and it always left my skin supple. With regular use, my skin was glowing, my blackheads were gone and my skin tone also evened out.

This is simply an outstanding scrub and I cannot live without this one! This is a run don't walk to buy product.” S.D.

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