ModelCo Exfoliate Body Wipes

Tester: Hispanic (Cuban) with normal/dry skin on body.

“These body wipes by ModelCo take the “Wet Wipes” concept to the next level. They are Uber Chic wet wipes for adults – and they were super effective.

Before my shower I would pull out one of the rectangular-shaped wipes and use the textured side (with several rows of exfoliating granules built into the wipe) and applied it to my major trouble spots – my elbows and knees. It should be noted that the textured side is not painfully rough, but it is very abrasive, and not as wet as a normal wet wipe. This is what makes it a good choice for those who have skin that is not very sensitive and prefer a more aggressive scrub. The fragrance is a pleasant pink grapefruit that does not linger.

I was very impressed with how easily the wipes got rid of the dead skin and made these areas feel nice and soft. I then turned it over to the softer, buffing side of the wipe and applied that in the circular motion for a minute or two. When I was finished, my skin looked much, much, better, and after using them several times a week for several weeks, my skin was absolutely glowing.

While the container itself is a tad bulky for travel, I simply put them in a zip lock bag for packing, and then kept the container at home or the gym. Just remember that since they are a drier wipe, it’s essential that you remember to close the lid completely.

I love innovation, effectiveness, and the bright pink spoke to me as well. This is a winner in my book.” Y.M.

Editor’s Note: This is NOT recommended for those with sensitive skin!

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