Murad Age-Proof Suncare Waterproof Sunblock SPF 30

Tester: Hispanic (Puerto Rican), late 30’s with combination skin.

“This was my first time using a Murad product and I was very pleased. This sunblock has a light lemony scent, which I liked. It was not greasy, and didn’t flake or ball up in the heat. I also found it very moisturizing for my drier areas of my face and small lines around my eyes, and even my legs and elbows. The tone and texture of my skin was fantastic after using this daily!

I used this successfully on both my face and my body and I did not experience any irritation or break outs. For the face, it does leave a sheen however, so if you want a more matte look, then it will be necessary to blot it and then apply a little pressed or loose powder over it. I usually wore this during a recent vacation without much other makeup and didn’t mind the sheen. I also liked that the Sunblock didn’t leave a sticky or grayish cast to my skin (which I hate!).

It was definitely water resistant, but after going in and out of the water several times I did reapply as most experts say is necessary. However, when I was home and used it for everyday wear I found that even through very hot days it stayed put and was effective. A little goes a long way with this product which also makes it a great buy.” T.L.

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