Nude Skincare Advanced Smoothing Complex

Tester: South American (Argentinean) late 40’s with dry skin and some fine lines and hyperpigmentation.

“I love serums and more and more, using great quality organic products when I can find them. This fits the bill on both ends.

I used this serum 2x day after cleansing. The serum is in a pump bottle, which makes it very hygienic, and I noted that a slight push of the top of the pump was all that was needed to cover my entire face. The texture felt slightly gelatinous and sticky on my fingers, but once I applied it to my face; I found that it soaked into my skin quickly and easily. My skin at once looked smooth, felt hydrated and my pores were reduced in the t-zone as well.

This was the perfect start to applying my makeup, and became a great primer for me. The fragrance is also really pretty (a sweet ylang ylang fragrance), and dissipated after a few minutes. After several weeks of use, my skin really did have a brighter and more even toned appearance; my fine lines were softened, my skin never felt dry and my makeup always stayed looking fresh.” L.G

Nude Skincare Advanced Smoothing Complex 0.5 oz

Editor's Note: Nude skincare products are fomulated without parabens, sulphates, PEG's, propylene glycol, TEA, mineral oil, silicones and potential carcinogens.

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