Phyto Phytospecific Extreme Shine Spray

Tester: Multi-Ethnic (African & British), with shoulder length naturally tightly coiled fine curly hair that is relaxed.

"This is a really nice shine spray. First the fragrance is amazing - a combination of a spicy nutmeg type of fragrance mixed with a bit of floral - it stays with you a while but is not overbearing. The shine is very natural (a good thing) and shows up immediately without making the hair feel greasy and heavy (Be sure to spray it as directed on the can!). My hair was left soft and there was not a lot build up in my hair like with some shine sprays I've used in the past. I like it so much the only drawback is the can is fairly small and I think they should make another, larger size!" - T.Y.

Note: Only a few short arms-length sprays are needed! This spray works best on relaxed, curly, kinky, and thick, coarse, wavy hair.

Phyto Phytospecific Extreme Shine Spray 2.5 oz

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