SKII Airtouch Foundation

Tester: Hispanic (Cuban) about
Rosario Dawson’s complexion with combination skin.

“The SKII Airtouch foundation is a product that will require that you learn new “rules” of foundation application – but once you've gotten the hang of it like I did -- you might never want to use another foundation again.

The foundation is actually battery powered (included) and will require that you read all the enclosed instructions very carefully so you learn how to begin the spray nozzle flow and the technique for spraying on the face. However, once I grasped it (does not take long!) I found the results were truly fantastic.

I can now see that the luxury price tag of this product is not just for the makeup but for the delivery system, which delivers flawlessness. Yes, I said it! The sprayer is like no other if you think you've tried spray on makeup before. The spray was so fine I could not feel even it. And better yet, nothing got on my hair or sink as the product only adheres to the skin!

The first time I used this, I ended up spraying the device several times because I thought it wasn’t working--nothing seemed to be coming out. But then I realized that my face was indeed a little damp so I stopped. My face looked just like I moisturized, but with no pores, no uneven coloring, and my light under eye circles completely erased!

My face looked just like I always dreamed it could look. And the makeup was weightless! It was covered but felt like nothing was on my skin (this really is a miracle). I am in awe of this product.
As recommended by SKII, I applied my eye shadow and blush FIRST, and then the foundation straight on to my moisturized skin and THEN added mascara and lipstick afterwards (A little topsy-turvy I know). I also applied concealer before the air touch. I sprayed the Airtouch (held 4 inches from my face) and it set fairly quickly. By the way, I found applying blush and eye shadow beforehand to make things quicker and there does was no problem with blush or eye makeup being masked too much, if at all.

The final verdict? This is SO EASY....anyone can apply perfect makeup, with total ease. It was so nice not to need my hands or foundation brushes. This kept my skin free of all those bacteria and oils that can sometimes cause me to have a little break out. The coverage is also buildable so I really applied what I felt like I needed day to day. I am going to two months of everyday use and the tiny pouch still seems mostly full. This can very easily last about 8-9 months which makes the price seem very reasonable.

The container itself is a little on the heavy side to carry round in a bag, but so convenient for re-applying if I was having a long day at work or out all day. On most days however, I found that I didn’t even need another touch up because it wore so well throughout the day.
If you too have been chasing an amazing perfection and would like flawless glowy coverage with a weightless feel then this is the product for you!” T.R.

Editors Note: BR6 is the darkest shade so we hope that SKII will expand their color range to include darker tones since this is such an amazing product!

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