Tarte Enbrightenment BriteSmile® Whitener & Tarte Lipgloss Radiant Red

Tester: Middle Eastern (Lebanese) about Kim Kardashian’s complexion with lightly pigmented lips.

“Tarte just keeps coming up with the great ideas! A lip gloss PLUS tooth whitener in a super snazzy and well thought out double ended pen. The gloss is a very flattering clear cherry red which really perked up my complexion. This is a nice color that will work with all skin tones as well. It’s a smooth and very moisturizing formula which glides on easily with just a few clicks.

The teeth whitener (provided by Brite Smile products) is minty fresh. I simply swiped the brush across my teeth and I really did see a nice improvement in the whiteness of my teeth (I applied about 2 times a day as directed). The mint flavor also provided breath freshening which is another bonus!

The pen technology itself is really a marvel – its super lightweight, and slim enough to fit in any bag or jeans. The pen works with a central sliding mechanism in the middle of the pen. You push it to the left to activate the teeth whitener and twist the middle of the pen to deliver the product to the brush, and then push the central piece to the right for the lip gloss, where it works the same. (One end is marked with tarte / lip gloss and the other with Bright Smile /teeth whitener) so you can easily tell which end is which. I love this! This will be in my daily makeup bag for sure!”

Editors Note: This product is paraben free, sulfate free, mineral oil free, phthalate free and preservative free.

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