Thierry Mugler Cils Vinyle - Vinyl Gloss for Eye Lashes

Tester: Hispanic (Cuban) with fairly short and fine lashes.

“Every now and then a cosmetic product comes across my desk that doesn’t seem like it would rock my world; but ends up doing just that. Mugler’s vinyl gloss is the latest product to do this for me.

I absolutely fell in love with this “brush-less & comb-less” mascara. The packaging is of course right up Mugler’s alley – modern, slightly odd and yet still sophisticated. The mascara tube itself is a unique concept that includes a long, narrow “paint brush” (more like the type of brush you would find in a lip gloss tube) which I applied over my lashes. The shiny mirror on the top echoes his “Mirror Collection” theme.

I found the liquid formula itself was a thicker version of the usual mascara formula, but was surprisingly easy to work with. When brushing over my lashes with the applicator I was amazed that I was able to get all of my lashes – from the really short tiny ones in the corners to the longer ones in the center. The gloss made my lashes deep, shiny black, very full, lush and long. It was a very glam look, but I found it could still work for daytime. During the day there was no flaking, running or smudging at all. This is also amazing for a dramatic sexy, night time look, with a dark smokey eye or with a sweep of black liquid eyeliner on the top lid. It’s a luxury purchase, but for something this unique, beautiful and amazing it is truly worth it.” L.V.

Editors Note: For really high-impact lashes this can be layered over one coat of your favorite volumizing mascara.

Thierry Mugler Cils Vinyle - Vinyl Gloss for Eye Lashes

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