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Thanks for clicking the URL in our Twitter profile - we wanted to give you a little background on who we are and what we do.

This is the Palacinka Beauty Blog, made up of our Blog Manager, Simone Dilinger, Editor-in-Chief, Risi-Leanne Baranja and 12 regular beauty editors who test beauty products day in and day out to bring you our absolute favorite products that really work! We are the team behind Palacinka.com and the @palacinkabeauty twitter account.

Here's one of our most recent reviews:

This is the second review for an Olay Professional Pro-X skin care product. The first review was for the Eye Restoration complex.

Tester: Bermudian, early 30's, with some hyper pigmentation from occasional breakouts. Combination skin.

"Olay had made great strides in really listening to the needs of women of all ages and skin types in their various lines over the years. Olay Professional Pro-X is their highest end line available in drugstores and like many of you, I wondered if this product ....(click here to continue reading review).

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You can read a little more about how the Palacinka Beauty Blog came to be, how we rate and test the products we write about (and why we call it "Palacinka"!) on our FAQ's page - but the short version is that we are a group of beauty lovers who have worked in advertising, beauty editorial as we as makeup artistry and wanted to create a blog which featured beauty reviews with ALL women in mind.

We've been in this new blog format since 2008 and began our original site in 2006.

This blog covers everything from:
daily beauty reviews of a wide range of products for hair, body, skin and face.
to exclusive beauty product launch information.
to coverage of beauty industry events.
to exclusive beauty interviews with top beauty pros.
to fragrance reviews and articles.

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