AHAVA Pure Treat Dead Sea Liquid Salt

Tester: Asian (Filipino) with dry skin on body which is sometimes sensitive.

"I LOVE the concept of a "body conditioner". With the legend of the Dead Sea minerals in the AHAVA products, I was very eager to experience this body treatment. It's a medium weight gel which glided over my body and made it feel soft and silky. With the added heat/stem from the shower, I left the liquid salt on my body for about 3 minutes or so and then rinsed off to super soft and hydrated skin! There's a nice amount of product in the tube and with its size and weight it's also easy to take to the gym/sauna to do the treatments there. I experienced no skin irritation which is also a plus. I used this about 3x week and really noticed a difference in my skin and even had to use less body lotion over time. What a fantastic product and I'm excited to try more from AHAVA!" L.H.

AHAVA PureTreat Dead Sea Liquid Salt

Bliss World, LLC

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