Awake Eye Concentrate Mask

Tester: Hispanic (Dominican) late 30’s with some under eye puffiness and normal to dry skin.

“What an innovative product from the Japanese brand Awake! These are small curved gauze-type strips soaked in a soy based concentrate that I laid on my under eye area for about 10-20 minutes. I found after several weeks (using them 2x week) of use that my under eye area really was more hydrated and it also helped with the dark circles. Upon the first use my under eye area was definitely plumper, but after using the masks for a month, I did noticed a significant reduction in fine lines and dark circles.

The packaging is also innovative. There are 10 masks which you place on the under eye region. Please note: Once you open the disc that holds the eye patches and add the liquid you have to use the patches within 10 weeks, once you open the product you must use it otherwise they dry out. The eye masks are not individually wrapped so you need to use one at least once a week (but believe me it’s not a hardship!).

It really added moisture to my eye area and made that area brighter and fresher. This is a nice addition to my overall skin care routine when I just want to really treat myself with a beauty indulgence!” T.M.

Awake Eye Concentrate Mask

Bliss World, LLC

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