BORBA Borba Clarifying Micro-Diamond Cleanser

Tester: Asian (Filipino) with combination skin.

“I wasn’t really LOOKING for a new face cleanser right now…but my job is to make new and exciting beauty product discoveries after all…

My skin is good, but like many women, I can suffer from uneven skin tone and clogged pores, as well as the occasional break out in my t- zone or cheeks.

I’ve read about the wonderful properties of pomegranate a great deal this year, but this is my first time using a product with a significant amount in it. I really liked this cleanser. As a matter of fact, I liked it enough for me to keep coming back to it after my review period – a true sign that something is working well for me.

This cleanser definitely worked well with my skin. The diamond powder infused in it is very nice, as it gave me a gentle, but noticeable exfoliating effect. The more I used it (2 x day), the better my skin looked. It’s that simple. The scent is lovely (a soft, clean, berry fragrance). Just a small squeeze produced a fantastic lather and it gave me a great clean while leaving my skin soft and moisturized at the same time. What was also great it that for my more oily areas, it gave me a nice toning effect, and really kept my pores in my nose area nice and clear.” L.G.

BORBA Borba Clarifying Micro-Diamond Cleanser

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