Freeze 24/7 Freeze & Go Instant Smoother & Brightener

Tester: Hispanic (Puerto Rican) about Selma Hayek’s complexion, mid-30’s with dry skin and some fine lines.

“I am intrigued by anything that says “smooth” and “brighten”, and throw in the word “instant” and you’ve got me….so did it actually pass the test?

This very unique product by Freeze 24/7 beauty is a lighter version of the regular Freeze 24/7 in a light silicone base. As per the directions, I tried it both under my makeup in the morning, as well as over my makeup in the afternoon or evening to fix fine lines, and absorb excess oil. The product worked quickly to smooth the wrinkles around my eyes, smooth my skin and significantly reduced the appearance of my pores around my nose. Note: I found that this product worked best on my bare skin, before I applied makeup.

The texture of the product is "whipped" and light -- not crumbly, heavy, or thick. Also, it is not pink or pigmented like except for a pale, pale, pink pigment (non pearly) which helps to diffuse skin imperfections (this does show up somewhat on very dark skin e.g. Alec Wek). It really did have a brightening effect on my skin as well which I loved.

The look of the cherry red compact is very futuristic and may look heavy, but it’s very light. It’s not the smallest product (about the size of a small cell phone)so it’s not ideal for a very small evening bag, but will work in your daytime bag or regular cosmetic bag. It also has a built-in mirror and twist mechanism to dispense the actual product. The cap is attached to the rectangular mirror, and you twist the other end to propel the product up. It works like an advanced click pen.

This product also helps to defend skin against free radicals and environmental aggressors, including pollution – can’t beat that! This is certainly a product that is a nice treat – but I think you will find that the more you use it, the more you say – “How did I live without it?” H.V.

Editors Note: Make sure you put the cap/mirror back on the unit after you have twisted the other end to dipense product, or you will see some additional product seap out.

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