Giorgio Armani Sheer Pigments Fluid Blush #18 (Vibrant Pink)

Tester: Hispanic (Dominican) about Raven Simon’s complexion with combination skin and good skin tone.

“All I can say is Wow! This is by far the star of the new Armani Beauty Spring 08 collection. I really loved this product (my first time using a liquid blush). This color appears bright pink (almost neon) in the tube, but it blended beautifully on my skin to a subtle rosy pink. This was just perfect for an everyday look, and gave me an incredible glow.

The texture is simply divine. It only took a few small pumps of the liquid on each cheek and my fingers (or a small brush) to blend in and achieve a perfect look every time. This blush was very easy to blend onto my skin. The result was really polished and subtle. I also love that it gave me you a true glow, without being shimmery or looking greasy or shiny. The lasting power is also amazing. I was very surprised that this did not wear off quickly, since it is a liquid. This blush lasts as long if not longer than some of my favorite powder blushes!

The product is also versatile. I also mixed a few drops with my liquid foundation and even my tinted moisturizer which gave me an incredible look as well. Using it this way gave my complexion a boost and made me look radiant overall (I choose to do this in the evening especially). Since it’s so pigmented and not much is needed to achieve a look, this will also last a very long time, which is another bonus! This will work very well up to a Gabreille Union shade.” S.D

Editor’s Note: If you have very oily skin, this should be used sparingly.

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