Givenchy Captiv'Eyes Mascara Purple Black

Purple Black, left

Tester: Multi-Ethnic (German/Dominican) with short but curly lashes.

“This was a nice chance of pace – and with a great impact too! I’ve never used Givenchy mascara before, and I was very impressed not only but the packaging and luxury of this product, but also the performance. It gave me really intense lashes that were just as the color describes, black, but with a very nice tinge of deep purple, which I loved, especially for evening looks (It also photographs really well!).

I had volume, (most importantly) length and no smudges, flaking or smearing. Two coats were really all that was needed (as a matter of fact, I only got clumping when I tried to layer it on more than this). This is a lovely mascara and I look forward to exploring more of Givenchy!” T.N.

Givenchy Captiv'Eyes Mascara Purple Black

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