Interview with Thi Cosmetics Taylor Thi Pham

Taylor Thi Pham, who is a California native of Vietnamese decent, is a professional makeup artist and the founder and CEO of Thi Cosmetics.

As a licensed esthetician with over 10 years of experience, Taylor knows beauty. Turning a deaf ear to mom's repeated pleas to go to college, Taylor launched her own line, Thi Cosmetics.

Thi Cosmetics is a line of luxury products celebrating Asian beauty. A makeup line that solves the beauty problems many Asian women face, while at the same time being thoroughly modern, clean and fresh.

Taylor's goal is to help Asian women recognize their distinctive beauty and to encourage them to feel sexy and beautiful in their own skin. Taylor believes "What makes you different is what makes you beautiful".

Taylor's work has been featured in Elle, Glamour, InStyle and Modern Bride magazines.

RLB: Tell me how you got your start in the makeup world.

TP: As a young girl, I spent a lot of time in my mother's beauty salon. Because of my mother's influence and seeing all of those beautiful Asian women I realized that the beauty industry was my path, and I pursued a career as a makeup artist right after high school.

RLB: What was the inspiration behind creating Thi Cosmetics?

TP: This is a line I'm very proud to have developed for Asian women who struggle to find the right colors and tools to enhance their unique features and color tone. The products I've created not only compliment Asian women, but have proven to work wonderfully on women of all ethnicity Each product is inspired by a specific region or story from Asian Culture, which is incorporated into the product's color, name or feel. By celebrating diversity, individuality and natural beauty, Thi Cosmetics hopes to empower women to feel sexy and confident in their own skin.

RLB: What is the star product of your line?

TP: Because I was fascinated with the contours of my Asian bride's eyes that I was doing as a makeup artist, it prompted me to experiment with designing my own custom lashes, which was the first part of the line and is still the most popular.

The lashes are unique in that they are not on a single adhesive strip of synthetic fibers, or knotted at the end, like most other lashes. Instead, they are made of human hair and come in four rows of varying lengths -- two that fan out in a feathery "V" shape, the others "singles," narrower shafts of varying lengths. More than 5,000 of the $15 packages were sold in the first three weeks of the product's launch!

The trick to having full, lush lashes is mixing the lengths. Having a clear binding at the base means my customer doesn't have to use heavy liner to disguise the strip or knots. That lightens the overall look of the lid, which is far more flattering and favored by most brides and celebrities striving for a more natural effect. (Teri Hatcher wore them on the cover of a recent Redbook magazine).

RLB: Tell us about some of your other favorite products in the line.

TP: The deep gray shadow Kai, the soft, peachy blush Sakura and especially the classic red cream lipstick, Quin. I also love the Soy cream shadow. I use it myself all the time!

Finding the perfect red was important to me because red, in the Asian culture, means luck, but a lot of the reds I saw on Asian women were either too bright or too outdated. I was looking for something really timeless.

My red is sold in a compact case like the eye shadows and must be applied with a brush, which Pham I feel looks better than colors swiped on with a tube.

RLB: What's in the future for Thi Cosmetics?

TP: Our first Store Front in San Francisco, California, and the launch of my White Tea Seamless Foundation - it's taken a long time to get it right, but I am very happy with it and excited to debut it later this summer!

The foundation colors were customized to accommodate Asian yellow undertones leaving the skin seamless with an elegant, light weight finish. The foundations also contain essential Asian ingredients including white tea, green tea bamboo and ginseng extracts which provide lasting anti-oxidant benefits.

Taylor's Tips:

Eye Shadow Techniques for Asian or Multi-Ethnic Women

"Before you begin, prep your eyes with a thin layer of Soy cream eye shadow over the entire lid. This primes the eyes for smoother blending and longer staying power," says Taylor.

Kai & My (pictured, left to right).

No-Fold Eyes:
1. To create depth, apply Sying eye shadow over the eyelid. 2. Use Yen eye shadow to create dimension, blending halfway up. 3. Add a delicate highlight under the eye brow arch to define your eyes using Fai eye shadow.

Small Crease Eyes:
1. To open the eyes, sweep Fai eye shadow over the eyelid to brighten and enlarge your eyes. 2. Contour the outer half of the lid and upper part of the socket with My eye shadow, blending outward above the crease. 3. Create dimension by shading Kai eye shadow along the top and bottom lash line.

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