Korres Serum Rice Proteins To Protect Hair From Splitting

Tester: Multi-Ethnic (Jamaican & French) with naturally curly, long dry hair that is freqently blown out straight.

"Korres where have you been all my life! I knew that this brand made skin care but this was my first experience with their hair products. I really loved this serum. It adds a wonderful shine and fights frizz, and my hair also seems very moisturized after applying. This serum is very light, smells heavenly (sort of sweet like corriander/cinnamon and grassy at the same time) and lingers nicely in the hair. It only took a little of the product to tame my hair beautifully and didn't leave it greasy or make it feel too "coated". The packaging is adorable too! It reminds me of toothpaste but still small and portable.

I can throw this into any bag for quick touchups (sometimes I just wanted to have a little of this wonderful smell on my hair and hands!:). I used it in a variety of ways too -after I let my hair air dry, and I also added some on the ends before I blow dried and then applied a little more after blowing out straight. So far, so good - I notice a LOT less breakage I don't seem to be getting any new split ends, and as a bonus, my hair seems to be easier to style and doesn't tangle as easily." - D.S.

Korres Serum Rice Proteins To Protect Hair From Splitting .5 oz

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