Lubriderm Daily Moisturizer Lotion with Sunscreen SPF 15

Tester: Asian (Chinese) with dry skin on body.

“This is a fantastic product that I felt great about using to protect and enhance my skin. The texture is lightweight in body and creamy in feel, and it absorbed into my skin completely, leaving no residue on my skin. For general everyday type SPF protection, I really like this Lubriderm UV lotion. I was so happy that I could use it all over my body and it didn’t leave a greasy feeling on my skin! Unlike many sunscreens, it’s has a light, fresh scent that fades 10-15 minutes after putting it on (which I found pleasant)...very fresh smelling and not sticky.

I’m pretty religious about wearing sunscreen, especially when I know I'll be outside for extended periods of time. But, on most days I tend not to use sunscreen with SPF 45+. I found this to be a great substitute using this lotion on as my regular lotion in the morning after my shower or after a gym work out. I felt good that when I was out during the day, I knew I had at least a basic SPF on.

I now keep one in a few places in the house so that I can always reapply as necessary, and put some on my kids as well to protect their skin!” T.T.

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