Luctor et Emergo Perfume

“Being a real fragrance lover, I heard a few years ago about this fragrance from Dutch design company, The People of the Labyrinths (POTL) that was so unique, so touching, so transporting, that if it worked for someone, they became almost “addicted” to it. I said to myself “What on earth could be in a fragrance to make it have this kind of effect on people?” The fragrance notes in and of themselves don’t seem particularly strange or unfamiliar - however to only look at the notes would be like only reading half of a book.

I knew I was going to love this the instant the first spritz hit my wrist and sent all my previous experience of perfume out of the window. This is more like a memory than a perfume. The top notes are very soft and subtle and made me feel instantly comfortable like I was a child coming home from school to the smell of something yummy in the oven and my mother has just hugged me. Over the next 30 minutes or so, it took on hints of cherries and almonds, and slowly evolved into what is essentially a dead ringer for the smell of Play Doh. Yes, Play Doh. The Play Doh stage lasts fairly long on me, and personally I enjoy it while it lasts. As it fades, I was back to woods and resins with a light undertone of vanilla. Despite all the foody notes, it is not a sweet child-like fragrance — I would classify it as a woody-incense, grown up subtle scent. The white flowers are very faint and take a while to show up on me on some days, on others the flowers show up right away and the Play Doh is a much shorter duration. Next I get a dry vanilla smell, filled out with a wood-smoke and a resinous smell, maybe cedar, which then filled out with a subtle mix of almond, and cherry again.

It keeps changing all day - just when you think it's settled down to a smooth cedary almond, you suddenly catch that indescribable first impression again of the cherry/vanilla/play doh. This scent will waft back and forth on you. It has many different stages, and reluctance to leave each one, which is quite enjoyable. Just when I think I'm completely in the dry down, the initial spritz will come back around. Simply Amazing. The fragrance lasts for hours and hours, especially layered with the matching body crème.

It is dark and light and at the same time sharp and soft, bitter and sweet. If you don't like to be associated with a particular scent this would be great. One minute your husband, friends or coworkers will get a whiff of cherry incense and the next fresh grasses with white florals and then a woody scent, ect.... This is not exactly a "pretty" scent, but rather a scent that forces you to pay attention, at times challenges you, at other times comforts you and always envelops you, but not in a harsh or aggressive way. It's quite the adventure and worth every penny! As far as packaging, it’s also sensual and unique, a beautiful red velvet box and small silk scarf with The People of the Labyrinths added in gold lettering.

Yes, I am now an addict too, plain and simple.” RLB

Fragrance Notes:
Fresh grasses
Various white flowers
Precious woods

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