Luctor et Emergo Perfumed Body Cream

Tester: African-American with very dry skin on body.

“I never thought I would love a body cream as much as did this one. The fragrance is one that has to be experienced to be believed (see review here). But besides the fact that it smells divine the quality of the cream is superb. It’s rich and creamy to the touch and very luxurious. For those of you who like to layer fragrance, or just have the option to use a scented product this is perfect! I have dry skin and many fragrances disappear on me instantly, but with the cream I would put it on in the morning and could still smell it in the evening, and my skin was still silky smooth and well moisturized! It's not greasy, it absorbed into my skin beautifully, and the scent is positively intoxicating. It can easily be used as a replacement for the perfume as well.

For those of you who are big fans of this People of the Labyrinths (POTL) fragrance this is a must have indulgence (and for those of you just looking for an effective scented body cream)! The cream itself is luxurious and amazingly effective; however it's the fragrance that had me coming back to it time and time again. In terms of the Luctor et Emergo fragrance in the cream, on my skin, sweeter elements were toned down and the woody and grassy notes opened up more, leaving a rich, cozy aura. If you have ever read of a fragrance as being ‘comforting’ but were skeptical because it all too often means scents of heavy vanilla and food which are stuffy and claustrophobic, then you should know that this is indeed a comforting fragrance, but more of an outdoor scent, with an incense note along with the cherry. It comes in a beautiful huge frosted glass jar and housed in their trademark lovely red velvet box. This is truly worth every penny and every perfume (and body product) lover should own this!” LB

Fragrance Notes:
Fresh grasses
Various white flowers
Precious woods

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