Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding

Tester: Multi-Ethnic (German & Ghanaian) with shoulder length, naturally wavy/ curly hair that is fine and medium/dry.

“This product is the first product that I can honest say has changed the way my curls look and behave in any kind of weather. The texture of this cream really is like that of a pudding (and it’s purple, but goes on the hair completely clear). What’s great about this pudding is that I could use it in so many ways. It is meant to lengthen curls, so on days when I wanted more of a soft wavy look, I would finger comb some into damp hair and let it air dry. I also used it as more of a pomade to slick back my hair when I did a sleek pony tail or updo. It helped out so much with frizz and flyaways too! The product does not get greasy or stiff or sticky and there is no product build up (but you don’t need to use too much!). After using curly pudding my loose curls, when I left my hair out were defined, yet soft and relaxed.

The pudding also makes my hair super soft and manageable (no tangles!) and felt very healthy. This is perfect for curly and wavy hair types that are drier (but if you have naturally very tight curls/kinky hair this is not the formulation for you, please check their site for their additional products). I am now hooked on Miss Jessie's and you will be too! It has a luxury price tag, and it’s worth every penny. For those who don’t want a scented product, this now comes in an unscented version without the purple coloring.” L.O.

Note: These products are fantastic for women of ALL ethnic backgrounds that have loose to medium curls or very wavy hair that tends to frizz or have dry hair.

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