Murad Age-Proof Suncare Firming Bronzer SPF 15, Face & Body

Tester: Hispanic (Dominican) about Zoë Saldana’s complexion with combination skin on face and dry skin on body.

“In the spring and summer I am all about bronzers! They really warm up my skin and enhance my tan, giving me glow that I love. I have not used many liquid bronzers, but I was intrigued that this formula was not only firming but suitable for face and body. I think this is a great bronzer and perfect for 2-in-1 double duty, especially for travel.

The bronzer is a lightweight, thin, silky liquid that appears muted copper out of the bottle. Two pumps were all that was needed to cover my face. It glided on my skin and dried fairly quickly. The formula really evened out my skin tone and gave me a fantastic glow. It made my skin a shade deeper brown with copper undertones. It does have a touch of orange in it as well, which was flattering on my skintone. There is no shimmer, so it worked well with my powder blushes and bronzers to not provide overkill. It also stayed put and didn’t rub off during the day. It did not break me out or clog my pores and it hydrated my skin in the right places without feeling or looking greasy.

On my body I really liked using it on my décolletage and my legs at night when I wore a dress and heels. I loved the feeling of the firming elements in the bronzer on my body especially, (after using it daily for a few weeks on my legs I did indeed see an improvement in the overall look of my legs). This will work best (and look the most natural) on shades in the Lucy Liu to Eva Mendes range by mixing a dime sized amount of the bronzer with a little moisturizer for the face. On darker shades and brown skin tones this is not needed.
Note: Remember to wash hands after applying!” D.G.

Murad Age-Proof Suncare Firming Bronzer SPF 15, Face & Body

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