Nars Eye Liner Pencil - Manon

Manon, pictured left.

Tester: African-American, about Beyonce’s complexion with dark brown eyes.

"Being a NARS fan, I was not surprised that this is such a lovely color (a perfect true purple), but what takes it to the next level of LOVE is that is it so versatile and flattering that I reached for it on a regular basis (and yes I was a former black or very dark blue eyeliner only type of person before this). This color really makes brown eyes pop! Manon is a gorgeous deep blue-based purple. It's dark enough that you can create a beautiful smoky eye, but vibrant enough to see that it's actually purple (not like a wannabe purple that looks black).
It is a tad bit dry on applying, but it lasts very well on me, especially with my oily lids. I liked wearing it alone with bare eyes and black mascara, and I also liked wearing it with other NARS purple shadow shades. This color will be most noticeable up to a Serena Williams complexion." TK

NARS Eye Liner Pencil Manon

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