Olay Definity Highly Defined Anti-Aging Illuminating Eye Treatment

Tester: Hispanic (Cuban) late 30’s with slight under eye circles and fine lines around the eyes with combination skin.

“Like many women, I am always on the lookout for an eye cream that can “do it all”. Lighten dark circles, reduce puffiness, hydrate and just make the eye area look brighter and fresher – especially now that I am nearing 40!

Well, Olay has taken the time to create a product that answers most if not all of these wishes with impressive results.

I have dark circles and small lines around my eyes. It only took one application to see a difference. It lightened up the circles under my eyes almost immediately. It felt so silky, and it was not greasy or shiny. It absorbed fairly quickly and did not leave any residue. I honestly couldn't believe how well it worked.

Definity Eye Illuminator brightened the eye area and moisturized very well. I found that on days when I didn’t need a very made up look, I didn’t even need to use concealer! Just a tiny, tiny amount was needed so a little went a long way and that definitely makes it worth the slightly higher drug store product price tag.

The secret to this little gem are the micro spheres that actually cancel out and balance the darker/red/green or even blue tones under the eye, as well as provide illuminating effects. I noticed it also made those fine lines around my eyes appear less visible. So that's another plus. The great thing about this is not only can you see immediate results, but after continued use, it is gradually lightened the circles under my eyes. Genuis!” T.F.

Note: This product must be used after cleansing and before application of any makeup!

Olay Definity Highly Defined Anti-Aging Illuminating Eye Treatment


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