Palacinka interviewed by Hoy Newspaper

We were recently interviewed by Hoy Newspaper (Original article in Espanol) on one of our favorite product categories, mascara!

Take a look at our thoughts and product recomendations:

Hoy What are the qualities to look for when we are ready for in a new mascara?

Look for mascara that gives length, volume, has long wear or waterproof ingredients and ALSO does not smudge or flake during the day. It should also feel light and keep lashes smooth and soft.

Hoy Should be buying the same brand forever or it is best to change mascara certain times like shampoo?

It really depends on if your current mascara is still meeting your needs. e.g. if you find that you lashes are thinning or getting a little grey, then you might need a different formula than the one you were using before.

Hoy Which are the best mascaras in the market and why?

These three all give incredible length and volume while keeping the lashes soft and flexible and are extremely long wearing. (water, humidity, all day with out smudging).

Guerlain Le 2 de Guerlain Mascara Black

Theirry Mugler Cils Vinyle

Chanel Inimitable (Waterproof)

Hoy Do you think the new technology applied in the brushes are the key for success?

Absolutely. Advances in the formula, the brush and the bristles/comb itself and all key factors. Packaging that is innovative, useful and/or luxurious are also important.

Hoy What to consider when we are selecting a mascara?

Always think about what you need. Everyday mascara, waterproof, etc.

Hoy How much is too much for a single mascara?

You can never put a price on an amazing mascara that you love to use, look at and gives you the results you want!

Hoy What is your best recommendation or advice regarding a mascara.

Always keep in mind what your natural lashes look like and what you want you mascara to achieve e.g. length, natrual day time look, extreme length for evening or on camera work, volume, etc.

Hoy Which brand do you use?

Right now one of my favorites is Guerlain Le 2 de Guerlain Mascara Black - RLB

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