Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge

Tester: Hispanic (Cuban) mid-20’s with normal/dry skin and good skin tone.

“If you already love the act of applying makeup, then this will really put a smile on your face!

This cute little blue sponge is a jack of all trades. The sponge is firm upon taking it out of the clear plastic case, so the first thing I did was to the sponge and run it under water, getting it completely wet. It doubled in size and then had soft, pillow-like appearance. Next, I squeezed the sponge out very well so that it was slightly damp. Then I swiped it across my cream foundation and dabbed it first in the mid section of my face near my nose, sweeping it outward towards the edges of my face (cheek, forehead, and chin). Within a minute or two the foundation was dry and the coverage was fantastic. With the sponge I was able to get to all the corners of my eyes and nose.

The top of the sponge is narrower and perfect for dabbing around the corners of the nose, or on blemishes, while the bottom, wider part is what I used to actually apply my foundation on the majority of my face. With the sponge, my foundation looked natural, yet had a very nice med/sheer coverage with a tad bit of a dewy appearance. For my concealer, I dabbed a bit directly under my eye with my concealer brush and then used the top narrow part of the sponge to tap into my skin until it blended seamlessly.

With cream blush, I found the best way to use it was by tapping the bottom half lightly on the blush and then applying in a circular motion on my cheeks. Beautiful! This is a great little makeup tool that I’ll always have in my kit."L.V.

Editor’s Note: Here is a rinsing tip. Try rinsing the sponge after use by letting as much of the makeup wash off as possible with plain water only. Then apply a small dab of a simple gel cleanser to clean any remaining makeup from the sponge. It doesn’t come with a storage case, per say, but you can try setting it atop the actual clear case that the sponge comes in to dry.

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Jennifer said...

Where can I get this in Canada? (Greater Toronto Area...)