Talking Beauty with a Bag Designing Genius!

At Palacinka we are just as crazy about bags as we are beauty!

Luxury handbag designer Alison Antrobus, a beautiful designer of Jamaican decent, is taking the luxury handbag world by storm.

We are incredibly honored to bring you one of our exclusive Palacinka Beauty Insider interviews with Alison Antrobus.

RLB: With your background in design, how do you approach your beauty look?

AA: I consider the materials, texture, color and scale of each piece as to how they are combined to either compliment, or contrast. Generally I prefer to keep each element of my “look” simple with an emphasis on shape and color.

RLB: Do you have any favorite beauty products/fragrances that you have discovered while traveling?

AA: I have been searching the world for my “signature” fragrance and am yet to find it…But when I travel I do really love to bring Clarins Eau Dynamisante Spray.

RLB: You have great hair. What do you do to keep it healthy? Do you also color it?

AA: I do deep conditioning twice a week. I have a fabulous colorist who magically makes my various shades of brown look natural!

RLB: What are some of your favorite cosmetic brands/products?

MAC blush in Foolish Me which gives my cheeks a healthy glow. Bare Minerals lip gloss.

RLB: Being born in the West Indies, do you have any Caribbean beauty secrets that you still use?

AA: Smiling…and laughing…

RLB: Since you are based in the Miami area, do you have any tips on keeps hair/skin looking great in hot humid weather?

AA: Keep your hair away from your face. Washing my face twice a day with Dial Antibacterial soap…yes….good old
Dial Gold Soap!!!!

RLB: What do you do for red carpet/big event looks?

AA: I prefer to showcase one element…either it is the dress, or the accessories... But the best Red Carpet look is poise and confidence!!!!! I am not a big make up person, but I will emphasize the eyes with lots of drama!!!

RLB: Are you a nail color person? If so, what are some of your new favorites?

AA:Fishnet by Essie for my high glamour moments and Au Natural by Essie for everyday.

RLB:So let us talk about THE BAG, which is a stunning work of art and at
the same time so practical combining a handbag with a drawer and the ability to change the look with additional clutches! Tell me how the idea for the bag came about, and if you will be creating additional leather goods for the line.

AA: Totally by default...simply unable to find a bag that would operate in the way that I needed it too. Beyond the standard "digging procedure" of finding things in my bag, I also had to transport my "tools of the trade" in several difference zip lock bags. Totally disheveled and frustrated, I went out in search of a bag that would help me perform in a more organized fashion whilst on the road. As with most creative people, when presented with a design problem, I became obsessed with finding the solution.

Literally, one morning the following thought hit me like an epiphany- Essentially, no matter how many compartments a bag has, you are still loading everything vertically - one on top of the essentially, you will always have to rummage and dig endlessly in retrieving anything...With that thought of the actual "motion" in which you store your items into bags, it occurred to me that with a drawer...things are loaded horizontally (for the most part) and therefore your items are visually, and physically more accessible. That epiphany was: "I am going to incorporate drawers into a bag. I have at least twenty other designs waiting in the wings to take front stage as well...

RLB:Any plans for Antrobus boutiques?

AA:Yes, I would love to have an ANTROBUS BOUTIQUE one day! - RLB

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