Urban Decay Brow Box - Brown Sugar

Tester: Hispanic (Puerto Rican) about Christina Milian’s complexion with brows that are professionally shaped about every 6-8 weeks.

“I am one of these women who is not great at home maintenance for many beauty services (manicures and brow shaping are the two that I always need to go to a professional for!). When I saw how cute and compact this box was, I figured this could possibly improve the way I maintain my brows in between appointments.

Well, I loved it! It was so easy to use, with small (about 2”in long), yet still effective tools and products that really made my brows look polished enough that several people commented on how great my brows looked -- even when I was still a few days overdue for a shaping! The box contains a wax (in an innovative retractable mini shelf on the bottom of the box that opens with a soft touch of a finger), which helped hold my brows in place without looking greasy.

On the top shelf the box contains 2 shades of powder, tweezers and a mini brush for the powder. Brown Sugar’s powders are a dark chocolate brown with a bit of red, and a lighter beige/taupe shade (which you can mix to create a lighter brown if needed). The brow powder is very pigmented, very fine, and applied smoothly. It disappeared right into my brows. Using the mini brush and powder, I filled in the ends of my brows, and which still looked very natural, yet glam. This really enhanced my overall look, especially on those mornings when I didn’t have a lot of time to apply much makeup.

While it’s amazing to have such tiny tweezers included (and they did a nice job), some of you may prefer to use these just for traveling and continue with your normal-sized tweezer at home for increased control. This brow box is such a special little treat, but also an important part of my beauty arsenal now!” L.F.

Urban Decay Brow Box Brown Sugar

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