Urban Decay Clean & Sober Oil-Free Makeup Remover

Tester: Asian (Filipino), 30’s with combination skin.

“Urban Decay's makeup remover is just neat! I hate makeup remover that leaves you with a butter-caked feeling. This Clean & Sober was just easy off and felt natural. I was so happy to have a makeup remover that could do the job quickly and was pleasant! I used a large cotton swab to remove my eye shadow with a little of the remover and it just erased it all in just one wipe!

Lilac is actually one of my favorite colors and with the remover being that color I just smiled and loved reaching for it each evening. I also loved the smell which is clean and fresh, as if I've awakened to fresh flowers. The bottle is just so pretty with the mermaid, the lilac bottle cover and most of all, I loooove, love, love the white pump! This is just a fantastic remover and worth every penny!

P.S. I also realized that I will be able to re use this bottle for so many other things, especially when I travel and need to bring a pump bottle with me.” G.G.

Urban Decay Clean & Sober Oil-Free Makeup Remover 3.4 oz

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