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We were lucky enough to catch one of our favorite beauty experts, and a Palacinka Beauty Insider, on the Wendy Williams Aug 5th TV show! He was demonstrating different ways to achieve the sexy, "Big Hair" look on various hair types/textures.
For those of you new to our blog, please read our original exclusive Palacinka Beauty Insider interview with the man himself!

RLB: What are your top styling tips for women with relaxed or chemically processed, colored hair?

TG: 1) Do not wait to long to have your retouch because it can cause breakage.
2) Do not do them yourself.
3) Use night treatment, like
Ted Gibson Goodnite Replenish Hair Repair Serum on the scalp and hair to strengthen in between going to the salon.
4) Rinse once a week and shampoo once a week so that hair does not get dry and brittle.
5) Use a flatiron or curling iron that you can regulate the amount of heat.
6) Don’t use heavy oil on the hair and scalp because that will not allow the scalp and hair to breathe.

RLB: You style the hair of so many celebrities like Gabrielle Union, Joy Bryant, Amerie, as well as women such as Jessica Alba. What are some of your secrets to "Red Carpet Ready" hair for these women?

TG: It is all about the product that is used on all the women. Not heavy sticky or overly saturated with oil. I always start with a good blowdry using a light weight product like
Ted Gibson Hairsheet Styling Sheets. After the blowdrying it is important to set the hair and give it the right direction. Whether it is straight or curly these are the most important steps.

RLB: We at Palacinka LOVE two of your most famous products: Ted Gibson Hairsheet Styling Sheets, Ted Gibson Individual Color Shampoo, Brazen Brown and Ted Gibson Individual Color Conditioner, Brazen Brown because they work well on a variety of hair textures. Tell us more about how these products came about and the process of developing them.

TG: 1st thank you very much !!! As you mentioned earlier that I work on Joy Bryant, Gabrielle Union, Anne Hathaway, Angelina Jolie, Claire Danes, Jessica Alba etc, I have to make products that work for many different women and different textures! Hairsheet came about because of all the Gibson salon girls were using a fabric softener to deodorize and refresh their hair. I said how cool it would be to make something that would beneficial and also beautifully fragrant on hair.

RLB: What was the idea behind your new product,
Ted Gibson Goodnite Replenish Hair Repair Serum?

TG: The idea of conditioning while you sleep is something people have never heard of! It makes perfect sense to apply nutrients and wheat proteins to your scalp and hair to revitalize, reconstruct, and rebuild hair. It doesn’t stain your pillows and it absorbs quickly and smells delightful with sheer orchid.

RLB: You have recently started creating hair appliances- you have a Ted Gibson Professional Flat Iron Model 1089 and a Ted Gibson Professional Hair Dryer Model 1096. What makes these tools different from what is currently on the market?

TG: NANO Fuzeion Technology which helps to retain moisture in the hair and dries hair faster without damage.

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