Your Hair Will Thank You...

You must take a trip to the Butterfly Salon in NYC. They have the most incredible hair treatments and hair stylists (and a fantastic brow specialist to boot!).

Learn more about the salon and the founder, Kattia Solano in our exclusive Palacinka Beauty Insider interview below.

Kattia, who was born in Costa Rica, at an early age, found inspiration from the country's surrounding beauty. This exotic setting was the beginning of her journey towards the Fashion Capital of the World.

Once arriving in New York City, Kattia went straight to the top of the beauty industry for her continued inspiration. She worked in some of the most prestigious salons in New York. Having the honor to work with some of the best artists in the business, Kattia quickly evolved into a top stylist, with a flare all her own.

Kattia was determined from the start to make a major impact in the beauty industry. This determination resulted in Kattia being sought out by top beauty editors, fashion designers and celebrities.

Kattia is a stylist who embraces the natural texture of hair. Her techniques empowered her clients with options when styling their hair at home. Her signature layered cut could easily transform from a down town, sexy bohemian vibe to an uptown sophisticated socialite. Her color choices vary from natural looking brunettes to bold balayage. It's about individuality and she gives that to every client that sits in her chair.

Kattia and her two sisters are the third generation of stylists in their family and are proud to have the opportunity to join their talents together and take the beauty experience to the next level and extend to more people.

RLB: How did you come up with the concept of Butterfly Studio? What makes it unique?

KS: The concept was always to build a fun, friendly environment where clients and employees feel at home. I have always known that it's very health to be around happy people and I would try my hardest to build that space. I feel it's unique because it's very New York without the attitude. I love the design of the space, its lofty with a tropical feel. It's fun and cool and very comfortable.

RLB: What are your favorite treatments at the Salon?

KS: My favorite treatments are the treatment cuts and color. With this approach your hair will always maintain is health and shine so you can continue to color without having to worry about damaging your hair. I love our spa manicure and pedicure they are special natural scrubs and mask that we create in-house. Depending on you skin type we use special oils and fruits to moisture and replenish the skin.

RLB: You have beautiful hair! What is your daily hair care routine?

KS: I love to take care of my hair. I'm a big treatment person. I get a Kerastase salon treatment once a month and I do the Kerastase mask #3 at home 3 times a week for 5 minutes. I also apply sunscreen every time I'm out in the Sun. I also have spa night at home where I make a rosemary rinse and follow up with a coconut oil and avocado mask for 20 minutes.

RLB: What do you do for skincare/body care?

KS: I love facials by Joanna Vergas and she has me on the best products Anakiri. They are natural products. For body care I try to scrub and moisture every two days. I prefer to mix my own and follow up with oils like almond, avocado or coconut. I have dry skin and it is the only way to keep it soft. I do love Natura Bisse's scrub and their Diamond Cream moisturizer.

Butterfly Studio Salon in New York is a Kerastase Flagship Salon.

To book your Kerastase Treatment, haircut, color or relaxer please call:212-253-2100
149 Fifth Avenue, nr. 21st St., second floor
New York, N.Y.

Extra Info:

Kattia's Brush Free Blowout technique for curly hair
Grab a section of damp hair at midlength, pull it taut and blast the half that's by your roots with the dryer. Repeat this all the way around your head (you'll be left with straight roots and curly ends). Next, grab sections of hair, twist from the midlength down to your ends and blow-dry the twist. The result is a beautiful, not-pin-straight blowout.

Palacinka's Beauty Insider secret:
Butterfly Studio Salon is also home to one of the best eyebrow shaping artists (and makeup artists) in the country (yes we've been to that many!). Her name is Francis Roman and several of our Palacinka staff members trust their brows only to her! Shhhh......

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