The Best Overnight Packing + Beauty Solution!

Yes, that is a little thong on the front of the bag.

And this is the most practical (and cute) bag you’ll ever own.

It's called the Panty Pak and it makes it super easy to pack and organize your panties and other personal care items. Panty Pak is created by the makers of the oh so cute and also useful Brag (a carrying case for bras).

It has two outer pockets and inner mesh pockets for your “Clean” and “Not So Clean” items, which are marked on either side.

This is such a great idea and as soon as I got it I took it with me for had a quick overnight business trip. It’s light and can easily hold about 5-7 days worth of items in it. I also love that there are additional compartments for beauty/personal care items that you might want for a little overnight rendezvous or longer trip.

Here are our favorite must have beauty/personal care items to tuck into it!

Stella McCartney Stella 0.33 oz Eau de Parfum Roll-On

Sweet Breath Peppermint Mist, Inc.

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