Bruce Grayson's Emmy Makeup Magic

Bruce Grayson, celebrity makeup artist, is one busy man! Coming off of doing the makeup at the recent Democratic Convention, Bruce is again serving as Head of the Makeup Department for the Primetime Emmy Awards, airing this Sunday, Sept 21st.

Bruce was gracious enough to take a break from preparing for the Emmy's to have a quick interview with us yesterday, where we talked about: shimmer shadows, berry lips, when "less is best" and why Sept. is the most difficult month to do makeup in L.A.!

RLB: Tell us what new products or techniques you will be using for this year's Emmy Awards.

BG: We're going to be following the trends this year, so were going to be using shimmer shadows, which are going to be popular this year. It's going to be all about lashes and eye shadows.

I love using artificial lashes for the red carpet. I think they can define the eye better than anything else. If you look at the red carpets and celebrities with elaborate makeup you always see a lot of lashes. It's a great way to frame the eye and give that non-existent eye line. I like to use a combination of straight individual lashes and flares. Or I will take a strip eyelash and cut it up and I'll put them in where I want them. I'm just filling in and adding where I think I'm going to get the most punch for the money, so to speak.

What I love about shimmer shadows is how easy they are to apply. You just can't make mistakes with shimmer shadow. It really brightens skin and gives women that all around luminous glow, and that works well in Sept.

For lips what's different this year is that I'm back into lipsticks. I'm not using as much gloss these days as I have before. That's because most lipsticks now are sheer like MAC slimshines and a lot of the lipsticks formulas now allow the natural lip color to shine through. These are my favorites.

As for color, I will be using some berry shades, which is one of my favorite colors to use on camera. It really looks great on camera, and it's a color that works on many different skin tones. I do like browns and beige's, but they tend to read better on dark skin than on light skin.

RLB: What is the most challenging aspect of doing makeup for an award show like the Emmys.

BG: The biggest challenge actually is the heat. It's really, really hot in L.A. in Sept. If there's one show that I always worry about, it is the Emmys. On the day of the Emmys the temperature can be hover around 95 degrees, and then you add the bright lights on top of that and literally we've had people walking in with no makeup because they've sweated it all off.

So we are prepared to do makeup from scratch even with people that have had their makeup done earlier in the day. Remember, most celebrities get their makeup done around 12 or 1 in the afternoon and by the time that we see them it's 4pm or 5pm.

RLB: How much time will you spend creating the looks for your clients at the show?

BG: I like to spend 40 minutes on my celebrity clients for the awards. I think in 20 minutes you can do a good job on makeup but in 40 minutes you can do a fantastic job.

RLB: With High Definition television to consider for this Emmy broadcast, will you be doing anything differently to ensure celebrities look their best?

BG: Absolutely. It's all about the condition of the skin. Any kind of discoloration of the skin, or lines on the face, are all going to be very prominent in High Definition (HD). HD grabs lines and emphasizes them - whether it's a circle or a straight line. So it's all about hydrating the skin, using a product like Olay Definity Color Recapture, which is a great product because it does three things. It helps diminish discoloration, offers sheer coverage and it hydrates the skin, also offering SPF protection.

In HD you have to think "less is best". You also have to be able to blend, blend, blend. Too much of a product like powder is going to show up in HD as texture on the skin and that's a BIG no, no in HD.

RLB: How many looks will you be creating for the show?

BG: Well, I will create several, which will all be different. The dancers are going to have a different look than the Trophy girls which will be yet different still from the Celebrity client red carpet looks. So I'll be bouncing around with 3 different looks at any one time. I'll be working on about 20 people personally, including some of the men.

Here are a few of Bruce's personal favorites!

CoverGirl LashBlast Waterproof Mascara, Black 830 (Bruce used this at the Democratic National Convention!)

Lancome DEFINICILS PRO - High Definition Curved Brush Mascara Black

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