CHANEL Mascara Exceptionnel

In today's market, mascaras tend to promise A LOT and offer all sorts of advanced designs, formulations, brush technology, etc. Some of them live up to the promise - but some of them do not.

CHANEL's Exceptionnel does what it is designed for - and best suited to a particular type of lash and for a particular type of look.
The wand itself is a four sided head with flat plastic edges in between comb-like bristles, along with short, traditional-style mascara brush bristles. As per the instructions, I twirled the wand up from the base, extending it out to my lash tips with some gentle pressure. The comb deposited the mascara and thickened my lashes while the brush feathered out the lashes so they not clumpy. This formula also took a little bit longer to dry (not more than 2 minutes however).
The result was thick, dramatic lashes, which is exactly what I love. It also made the little sections where I have skimpy non-existent lashes noticeable. I experienced no flaking or smudging and most miraculously of all, it really curled my lashes. I made a point of usually using this without curling my lashes first. I was amazed that I could get away without using one! Note: When I wanted to use the curler, this mascara sealed the curl that much more. At the end of the day it was easy to remove with either my cream cleanser or makeup remover cloths.

So this is where Exceptionnel excels: creating great curl, definition and volume (as it is advertised), but not length. This is important to note, as someone who has very short straight lashes for example will have a harder time getting the results I described above using only this mascara. For those of you who do have fine/thin long lashes that are straight or with a slight curl, this is the perfect mascara for you. - RLB

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