Creme de La Mer The Hydrating Infusion

Tester: Hispanic (Puerto Rican) mid-30's with combination skin.

"I have fallen in love with several of La Mer's products, but I was a little skeptical of this because I figured, "how can it really improve the results of my beloved Original La Mer cream?" I reminded myself of the old saying: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".

But the box with the sea foam green was calling my name. After a few days, I decided to dive in...

The Hydrating Infusion is a serum that is meant to hydrate skin and prepare it for the La Mer creams (original or gel-cream). I used about two pumps after cleansing and spread it between my hands before gently massaging into my face. It had a watery consistency with some weight to it, was smooth in texture, clear and spread easily. The fragrance was the classic la mer scent to me - slightly oceanic/citrusy, and did not linger very long on my skin. The serum sank into my skin very quickly, and I immediately felt a nice hydrating, "plumping" sensation on my skin. It didn't make my more oily spots greasier, and it hydrated the drier areas, like my cheeks nicely.

The way I decided to test this product was to continue to use my La Mer original cream as usual, and see if there was improvement by layering it on top of the infusion.

I have to say that La Mer has done it once again. After a week using both products together daily, my skin looked even more radiant than before, and my makeup even seemed to last longer. As I continued the regimen over several more weeks, I was even happier at how even my skin tone was, and how great my skin looked in the morning in particular. I didn't have any breakouts or irritations, and I found that because the infusion in so concentrated, two pumps in the am and pm was the perfect amount to get good coverage on my face, so the bottle definitely lasts several months.

The packaging is great with the pump and shape of the bottle, so this is perfect for travel and the gym.

Note: On very busy mornings I sometimes only had time to use the infusion, and my skin continued to look fantastic, glowing, and radiant with perfect hydration.

This is another La Mer gem that made a significant difference in my skin and I now I won't be without it!" N.V.

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