Dermalogica Skin Purifying Wipes

Tester: Asian (Thai) with oily/combination skin with regular breakouts.

"This product is a great example of a product that has gone above and beyond the skin care cleansing wipes category.

I have skin that is prone to breakouts and oily, so cleansing for me is a serious proposition, since I need my cleanser to do double duty - cleanse and help prevent future breakouts. Having a quick and convenient way to do this (or an option when I can't get to my regular gel cleanser) is definitely what drew me to try these dermalogica wipes.

The wipes themselves are fairly large (almost as big as the average Kleenex) and moist, but not super drenched with liquid, so I found them much more pleasurable to use than some others in the past. I usually used them in the evening and after a gym workout. They left my skin very clean and still soft, and were effective at removing makeup as well. I could immediately feel the tingle of some of the ingredients which were antiseptic and helped to prevent the bacteria that often leads to my breakouts.

After using daily for only a week, I noticed an improvement in the main areas where I tend to breakout like my forehead and cheeks. If I was running late in the morning I also used them, added some light makeup and my skin looked great. These are a fantastic cleansing option and a must have for all you oily girls out there!" L.P.

Editor's Note: These are particularly great for men after working out/sports and teenagers as well.

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