L'Invisible by Strange Invisible Perfumes

"L’Invisible, taking a cue from the wondrous name of this independent perfume house is the perfect: “light scent that’s still unique, that I won’t get bored with and can still wear to the office.”

Now that the humidity (at least in the North East) is dying down with fall approaching, we have warm sunny days that call for something airy but with a fuller presence. This scent achieved just that.

The scent started out quite heavy on the citrus on me, which I love (Sicilian lemon is one of my favorite notes). Within a few minutes I got grassy notes which were on the “oily” side and very herbaceous. Later the combination of the rose, ylang ylang and orange took hold and changed the entire scent again. This was a fragrance which I loved and took me to a very difference place olfactory-wise. It wasn't surprising to me however, since this is a non-mainstream fragrance from an independent house. L'Invisible was light enough that I could reapply a few times throughout the day and it wasn’t overbearing at all.

This is not your average “light, airy citrus with a soft woody dry down”, but if you are in the market for something light but unexpected that encompasses citrus, woods and rose this is for you!

I also love the bottle and packaging which is slightly masculine to me and yet still luxurious and powerful. I look forward to exploring more from this line.” RLB

Fragrance Notes: Moss, Amber, Ylang ylang, Blood orange, Hibiscus, Vanilla, Moroccan red rose, Sicilian lemon.

Note: The Strange Invisible site offers very reasonably priced samples of all of their scents on the site.

All Strange Invisible Perfumes are comprised of organic, wild-crafted or biodynamic essences set in a base of 100% organic grape alcohol.

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